Her style truly transforms a home from dreary and tired to luxurious, comfortable and full of classic beauty. She is a confident seasoned professional who knows how to create an environment that genuinely reflects the unique desires and personality of each of her individual clients. Her commingling of colors, pleasing soft textures, and lighting are influenced by nature and the exceptional beauty exhibited through the fine arts. Everywhere you look her design is uplifting, fresh, and beautiful. Truly, an atmosphere of celebration; “La Joie de Vivre!”

The ultimate reward for her work is witnessing her clients when, for the first time, they see the transformation of their home and are moved with deep emotion. Cheryl Lee continually thanks God that He has so graciously blessed her with the talents and ability to touch and enrich the lives of others.  And, isn’t that really what all this is about?

Cheryl Lee Smith has designed for clients with homes of distinction, luxurious estates, glamorous penthouses and custom-built yachts. Her experience is extensive ranging from interior design to widely published retail projects including the creation of internationally recognized product lines. Cheryl Lee’s work has appeared on national television, magazine covers, newspapers, and showcased in Paris at Galleries Lafayette.

Her luxury products have found their way into the collections of many celebrities including Chevy Chase, Aaron Spelling, the Bee Gees, and luminaries such as King Hussein of Jordan. Her work currently graces numerous homes in the Palm Beaches, New Jersey, Southern California, Colorado, Rhode Island, and many other locations as well as the seas of the Mediterranean.  Cheryl Lee’s talents have been applied to the redesign of existing homes as well as assisting in the design of custom built homes from concept to completion.

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